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Online Store – batteries and accessories

CMD Hearing Care Online Store Open Now

We are pleased to announce the launch of our online store where you can buy any batteries, accessories or replacement parts for your hearing aids. All items in the store are available with free delivery to the mainland UK.

CMD Hearing Care online store
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Apple Watch Looks After Your Hearing

It was great to read that Apple has taken steps to draw attention to noise exposure and the potential damage it can do to hearing. Full article.

Apple watch sound level monitor
Apple Watch sound level monitor.

Hearing damage occurs as a result of both the level of noise exposure and the duration of noise exposure. The louder the sound the less time that is required to cause hearing damage. For example at 85 decibels it would take two hours exposure in a day to cause any hearing damage, however at 95 decibels it would take around 10 minutes.

The Apple watch will monitor noise exposure and can send alerts when certain exposure limits are reached.

The noise monitor will be a feature available in the forthcoming WatchOS 6 software which will be launched in autumn.

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Hearing aid drying capsules

In warm weather condensation build up inside hearing aids can be a problem which leads to failure of the device and the need for it to be repaired.

Heat and perspiration from the hearing aid wearer can build up inside the hearing aids. Thankfully drying capsules offer a simple solution, gel inside the capsules absorbs the moisture inside the aids overnight and therefore prevents problems in the future. Simply seal the capsule with the aids inside the container.

For those looking for a more high tech solution the D-Dry system from Phonak offers a electronic drying system which also acts to sanitise the hearing aids.

If you would like to place an order or discuss your hearing needs please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Rayovac Proline batteries – new packaging

Rayovac Proline Hearing Aid BatteriesRayovac have introduced their latest range of Proline batteries. The batteries offer class leading performance to meet the power demands of wireless hearing aids and the fast processors within them. The new packaging is specifically designed to make it easier to remove and enlarged tabs make the batteries easier to use.

CMD Hearing Care is pleased to continue to offer the latest Rayovac Proline batteries starting at just £2.95 per pack. If you would like to discuss your battery requirements, or would like to place an order please call us or send an email.

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Wireless Connectivity in Hearing Aids

What does it mean?

Wireless connectivity allows hearing aids to connect to other devices such as telephones, televisions and music players. Sound is transferred via radio waves to the hearing aids.


What are the benefits?

Transferring the sound directly into the hearing aids means that the hearing aids do not rely on their microphones picking up the sound from the phone/television/music player. As a result the quality of sound is improved.


tvlink_bgFor example, when watching the TV the sound is transferred directly to the hearing aids making it clearer, the wearer can adjust the volume of the TV to suit them without disturbing others. When using the telephone, the call is relayed directly to the hearing aids providing clear sound in both ears and eliminating any problems with whistling or feedback.

If you own an iPhone there are hearing aids that are designed to specifically to work with it. Apps allow the phone to be used as a remote control, or to fine tune the sound from the hearing aid to suit the wearer.

If you would like any further details or would like to make an appointment please do not hesitate to contact us.