Getting a Hearing Aid

Rechargeable hearing aids

The first stage to getting a hearing aid is simply getting in touch!

Research has shown that people wait up to 10 years before seeking help with their hearing from the point they first notice a problem. It has also shown that the earlier an individual takes action and starts using a hearing aid the more benefit they get, and the easier it is to get used to hearing through the hearing aid.

More information on getting used to a hearing aid.

Communication Needs Assessment

After making contact we will arrange an appointment for a hearing assessment and comprehensive discussion around your communication needs. Following this together we will plan the next steps.

Where possible it can be useful to set up some diagnostic hearing aids for you to use over the next 1-2 weeks. The diagnostic hearing aids will be set to your hearing levels, which will allow you to experience listening through the hearing aids. While in use the diagnostic hearing aids gather information about the situations they were used in, your lifestyle, and which features were useful within the hearing aids.

Hearing Review

A review will be arranged after 1-2 weeks to look at the information collected by the diagnostic hearing aids and discuss your experiences with them. Together we can plan the best way forward and select the most appropriate hearing instruments for your needs.

More information on diagnostic trial hearing aids.

Contact us if you would like to arrange an appointment.