CMD Hearing Care is an independent private hearing care service with centres located in Leeds and Yarm. We offer premium hearing aids at competitive prices and pride ourselves in providing the highest quality clinical care and excellent customer service.

Clinics are all run by Mr Chris Monaghan-Doyle who is a registered clinical scientist and hearing aid consultant. As well as his private clinics Mr Monaghan-Doyle works for the NHS at Leeds General Infirmary as Principal Clinical Scientist for Audiology. Due to his background he can provide truly balanced advice on the hearing aid options available.

In addition to hearing instruments CMD Hearing Care can provide hearing aid accessories,custom ear plugs and in-ear monitors for musicians.

Latest Work / News

Moxi All now available for FlexTrial

Unitron Moxi All hearing aids allow direct connectivity to other devices via Bluetooth such as mobile phones, TVs or tablets. When combined with the FlexTrial system the Moxi All allows information to be sent directly back to me at CMD Hearing Care. The system provides information on the settings and environment the aids are working…

Phonak Titanium Hearing Aids

Phonak Titanium custom hearing aids are available at CMD Hearing Care. The Phonak Virto B-Titanium is made from medical grade titanium. The strong titanium shell is thinner and as a result the hearing aid is on average more than 25% smaller. As a result of the decreased size it is possible to fit more powerful…

New Battery Technology

Rayovac has launched its latest generation of battery technology, Active Core Technology improves reliability and battery life. Rayovac Proline Active Core batteries now last up to 2 days longer than the previous formulation. Contact us to order your Rayovac Proline batteries.

Cochrane Review of Hearing Aid Use

The Cochrane Library undertakes reviews of evidence and research to ensure that the best healthcare decisions are made. Recently The Cochrane Library undertook a review of the evidence available to support the use of hearing aids for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. It was great to read that the authors of the study…