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Finding your perfect hearing aid – Flex Trial

When considering buying a hearing aid it can be very difficult to decide which specification of hearing aid would suit you the best.


Privately purchased hearing aids are available in a variety of different specifications at different price points. The aim is to match the level of sophistication and specification of the aid to the lifestyle of the person wearing it.


Flex Trial is a fabulous piece of technology from Unitron that can help find the ideal hearing aid solution. Temporary hearing aids are programmed to match your hearing; you then wear them in your day-to-day life. The computer within the hearing aids analyse the situations you find yourself in and then make recommendations to help find the perfect, tailor made solution for your lifestyle and hearing requirements.


Contact me if you would like to make an appointment or discuss your hearing needs.

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Phonak Venture Virto Hearing Aids – Available Now CMD Hearing Care

Phonak Virto V hearing aids are available to pre order ahead of their official launch in November.

Phonak Virto V

Phonak Virto V hearing aids represent a significant step forward in sound quality and cosmetics. Technological advances have allowed advanced features such as wireless communication to be incorporated into an incredibly small aid reducing the visible area of the aid by as much as 25%.

Patient experience and feedback from Phonak Audeo Venture behind the ear hearing aids has been excellent, I am really looking forward to this technology being incorporated into in the ear aids to provide users with all the benefits in a discrete in the ear form.

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Hearing aid fitting – CMD Hearing Care

Research has shown that patient benefit is greatest when the sound from a hearing aid is accurately matched to their hearing loss, at CMD Hearing Care I take care to ensure an excellent match is achieved.

In order to achieve the most accurate fit possible I use specialised equipment to record the sound from the hearing aids whilst they are in the wearers’ ears. I can then adjust the sound from the aids to customise the sound for my patient. By personalising every step of the process from hearing aid selection to fitting and fine tuning I aim to provide the best possible experience and outcome.

Real Ear Measurement


Chris Monaghan-Doyle is a Clinical Scientist in Audiology and runs CMD Hearing Care in partnership with his wife Jennifer. If you would like to make an appointment please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Rayovac Proline batteries – new packaging

Rayovac Proline Hearing Aid BatteriesRayovac have introduced their latest range of Proline batteries. The batteries offer class leading performance to meet the power demands of wireless hearing aids and the fast processors within them. The new packaging is specifically designed to make it easier to remove and enlarged tabs make the batteries easier to use.

CMD Hearing Care is pleased to continue to offer the latest Rayovac Proline batteries starting at just £2.95 per pack. If you would like to discuss your battery requirements, or would like to place an order please call us or send an email.

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Wireless Connectivity in Hearing Aids

What does it mean?

Wireless connectivity allows hearing aids to connect to other devices such as telephones, televisions and music players. Sound is transferred via radio waves to the hearing aids.


What are the benefits?

Transferring the sound directly into the hearing aids means that the hearing aids do not rely on their microphones picking up the sound from the phone/television/music player. As a result the quality of sound is improved.


tvlink_bgFor example, when watching the TV the sound is transferred directly to the hearing aids making it clearer, the wearer can adjust the volume of the TV to suit them without disturbing others. When using the telephone, the call is relayed directly to the hearing aids providing clear sound in both ears and eliminating any problems with whistling or feedback.

If you own an iPhone there are hearing aids that are designed to specifically to work with it. Apps allow the phone to be used as a remote control, or to fine tune the sound from the hearing aid to suit the wearer.

If you would like any further details or would like to make an appointment please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Phonak Audeo Venture Hearing Aids

Audeo VPhonak recently launched their latest range of receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aids – Audeo Venture. RIC hearing aids fit behind the ear, however due to their design they are incredibly small, discrete and comfortable to wear.

The Venture aids offer the latest sound processor and software allowing the aid to adapt more precisely to your surroundings and offer significant improvements in background noise. The Venture aids also include wireless connectivity, even in the smallest aid. Wireless technology allows hearing aids to communicate with one another to offer the optimum performance in noisy situations as well as connecting to accessories such as mobile phones and televisions.

I recently fitted a number of clients with Audeo Venture aids, some with hearing losses that I expected to be challenging to fit. The responses from everybody receiving their new aids was overwhelmingly positive, with one client feeling the aid already ‘felt like part of them’ at their 2 week review.

If you would like more information of the latest hearing solutions available or would like to make an appoiontmnet contact me.