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Why choose microsuction for wax removal?

Earwax is naturally produced by the ear to protect the skin of the ear canal and to trap dust and dirt that enters the ear. Normally earwax works its way towards the opening of the ear canal where it falls out or is washed away.

In some cases wax can build up in the ear canal, this is more likely in older people or hearing aid users. Signs that there may be a wax build up include muffled hearing, earache or tinnitus (ringing or buzzing noises in your ears). Remember, it is important not to try to remove earwax yourself as you may push the wax deeper into your ear or cause damage to your eardrum.

Traditional wax removal methods include syringing, whereby water is flushed into the ear under pressure to wash out ear wax. Ear syringing carries a risk of perforating the eardrum due to the force of the water pressing up against it, consequently many GP practices are reluctant to provide ear syringing services.

Microsuction involves using a microscope or magnifying glasses and a small suction tube to remove wax from the ear. Wax removal in this way does not place any pressure on the eardrum and therefore carries a much lower risk of causing any damage.

Wax removal via microsuction is available through CMD Hearing Care in Leeds and Teesside. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a booking.

For more information on wax removal please see the NHS Website.