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World Hearing Day

March 3rd is World Hearing Day.

Around the world 466 million people are living with hearing loss (World Health Organisation figures).

1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 have a disabling hearing loss that limits their activities and participation in daily life.

At all life stages, communication and good hearing health connect us to each other, our communities, and the world.

For children good hearing is essential for speech development and education. Later in life hearing is important for employment and social inclusion.

If you have concerns regarding your hearing or family members please contact us for advice or to make an appointment.

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Apple Watch Looks After Your Hearing

It was great to read that Apple has taken steps to draw attention to noise exposure and the potential damage it can do to hearing. Full article.

Apple watch sound level monitor
Apple Watch sound level monitor.

Hearing damage occurs as a result of both the level of noise exposure and the duration of noise exposure. The louder the sound the less time that is required to cause hearing damage. For example at 85 decibels it would take two hours exposure in a day to cause any hearing damage, however at 95 decibels it would take around 10 minutes.

The Apple watch will monitor noise exposure and can send alerts when certain exposure limits are reached.

The noise monitor will be a feature available in the forthcoming WatchOS 6 software which will be launched in autumn.