Wax Removal Services

CMD Hearing Care can offer earwax removal services in Teesside from their base in Stockton and in Leeds from Leeds Spire Hospital.

Wax removal is undertaken by microsuction which offers a more gentle, safer method than traditional syringing. Traditional syringing involves forcing water under pressure into the ear canal to wash out earwax, this carries a risk of perforating the eardrum. Microsuction uses a low pressure vacuum to remove wax from the ear without placing any pressure on the eardrum.

Why choose wax removal via microsuction?

Wax removal is performed by Chris Monaghan-Doyle who is specially trained in microsuction wax removal. He is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and has over 19 years experience in Audiology. Wax removal costs just £40 for one ear and £60 for both ears.

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