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Bluetooth Hearing Aids

What is a Bluetooth hearing aid?

Bluetooth is a technology that uses radio waves to allow two or more electronic devices to communicate with each other wirelessly. Bluetooth is commonly built into electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, televisions and now hearing aids.

When Bluetooth is built into a hearing aid it allows information to be passed backwards and forwards to another device, this is often sound, however can relate to the settings or status of the hearing aid.

What can a Bluetooth hearing aid do?

The most common use for Bluetooth in hearing aids is to make and receive phone calls. In this instance the hearing aid is connected to the user’s mobile phone. The sound from the phone is transferred via Bluetooth directly to the hearing aid, the user’s voice is picked up by the hearing aid microphones and sent back to the phone. The effect is a little like talking on a hands-free device, the sound from the phone is less prone to distortion and can be delivered to both ears at once making it easier to hear.

If sound is sent via Bluetooth from a TV it is similarly less prone to distortion and therefore clearer. The user can also adjust the level of the sound specifically for them without affecting other people in the room, making for a more personalised experience.

Bluetooth hearing aids also enable the settings and programmes within the aids to be altered remotely, for example a user’s mobile phone can be used to alter the volume of their hearing aids.

The future of Bluetooth hearing aids.

As hearing aids become more sophisticated extra sensors and components can be included which when used in conjunction with apps unlock a number of other features and benefits. Fall detection can be used to alert family members in the event that the user falls, heart rate monitors and activity trackers are also becoming available now within hearing aids.

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