How to get a hearing aid

The process of getting a hearing aid starts with an appointment to discuss your individual needs and perform a hearing test. If a hearing aid is needed then a cast will be taken of your ear.

Over the following one to two weeks your hearing aid will be manufactured; a custom made instrument to fit your ear perfectly and programmed especially to match your hearing.

At a second appointment your hearing aids will be fitted. A specialist process called ‘real ear measurement’ is used to ensure your hearing aid provides the most precise match to your hearing.

Over the following few weeks you will become used listening through your hearing aid and may need a further appointment for fine tuning. If any problems arise in the future, we are here to help 7 days a week.

Should your hearing change over time, your hearing aid may be reprogrammed as many times as required to meet your changing needs.

Do I needs hearing aids in both ears?

What types of hearing aids are there?