Adjusting to life with hearing aids

As your hearing has changed you will have become used to living in a quieter world, there are many sounds that appear much softer than they did, and others that you cannot hear at all. It is likely that your hearing change will have been very gradual and therefore you will not have noticed as sounds gradually disappeared.

Wearing hearing aids rapidly bring back many sounds you may have forgotten, such as paper crumpling, footsteps or clothing rustling.

Over the following weeks you will become used to hearing the wide range of sounds that go on around you, learn to ignore unwanted sounds and begin to get the best from your hearing aid. In the future further appointments may be required for fine tuning of the hearing aid, and if your hearing alters your aid can be reprogrammed to accommodate your changing needs.

As hearing changes are generally gradual you may not notice them, therefore it is advisable to attend for a hearing test every 2 years and to have your hearing aids adjusted accordingly